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The Mindful Learning School 

Educational Programs for Exceptional Children 

Groundbreaking Practices in

Child Development,    Special Education,   Relational Learning,

& Educational Neuroscience



This program is available for children with or without a disability or developmental delay who are exhibiting challenging learning behaviors or difficulties with interpersonal engagement. Our inclusive early childhood program allows learning opportunities for all children to learn in a safe, fun, compassionate environment. All children receive the educational benefits of mindful learning focusing on relationships, cognitive, social & emotional development. Mindful learning is a researched-based, developmental approach to how children think, communicate, and learn. This individualized program places emphasis on active learning experiences to promote self-regulation, motivation, and social-emotional skills. The skills children learn throughout this program align with future educational success.


 Mindful Learning is Exceptional Learning

"If a child can't learn the way       we teach,  maybe we should teach the way they learn'
~Ignacio Estrada

Are You in Need of
Educational or Developmental Testing ? 

Cognitive, Developmental, Social/Emotional, Behavioral, and Autism testing/assessments are available. 

Let's work together to paint a clear picture of your child's developmental, behavioral, cognitive & social-emotional abilities. 

Our programs for children ages birth to 5 years lay the foundations for lifelong learning. This stage of development focuses on being creative, inquisitive, and full of wonderment. Learning through our programs emphasizes imitation, social referencing, and cognitive play.

Mingle & Mesh Class

Professional Development Training Center provides opportunities for research-based, innovative classes addressing the unique learning needs of today’s children. We offer one-time training courses, learning series events, and certification programs. All classes and workshops are specifically designed with practices and strategies participants can implement immediately. 




Educational Consulting services for schools, daycares, classrooms, teachers, administrators, and community programs. Direct, on-site consulting services provide support and strategic intervention in the areas of relational learning practices, behavior regulation, and unique knowledge of exceptional learning needs of children with disabilities and developmental delays in the group setting


During the school-age years, the foundations for lifelong learning are developed through positive relationships and active learning educational environments which engage the mind and body in the learning process. The Center for Exceptional Learning is a private alternative education option for families of children with disabilities, developmental delays, complex trauma, or unique, exceptional learning and behavioral needs. Our curriculum balances

developmental  relationships, educational neuroscience,

mindful learning, and special education goals and outcomes

Are you a parent of a child(ren) with complex learning needs?  Was your child recently diagnosed with a disability?  Are you experiencing difficult behaviors from your child at home or in school?  Our private consultative services will help address these concerns by providing a unique understanding of their child's relational, cognitive, social, or emotional developmental needs.

Parent & Family Workshops provide an opportunity for parents to come together and learn about various child development topics in a supportive, strength-based group



All kids deserve the best educational practices so they can achieve their optimal potential. We celebrate their skills and abilities while, at the same time, supporting and guiding their ongoing learning endeavors. We believe every child should become a lifelong learner. Mindful Learning programs inspire motivation, competence, and a desire to engage and interact with the world in a meaningful way.


The Center for Exceptional Learning was built on the premise that relationship-building practices and mindful learning experiences are the foundations of lifelong learning. These innovative educational programs and services for children and adults with disabilities put theoretical understanding into practical application for parents, educators, and therapists.


The Mindful Learning Model has been in development for the past 10 years composing the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices for children in the areas of child development, special education, developmental psychology, and educational neuroscience. The Mindful Learning Model is an alternative approach for children to learn new thinking, communication, and regulation skills.  This model uses a systematic, developmental process for creating relationship-building practices within mindful engagements, which teach children to think differently and behave differently because we are activating the various areas of the brain to learn in a more integrated manner. 

All programs offered by The Center for Exceptional Learning's team support the different thinking, learning, communication, and regulation needs of the individual. We provide professionals and parents with new, innovative practices which result in positive, happier, more engaging children and adults.   

When developing positive relationships is paired with mindful learning engagements children learn to grow and thrive because we are meeting their relational, cognitive, social and emotional needs simultaneously. 



1346 Dingledine Road, St. Peters MO 63304 


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