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Child Development Programs
14 months - 5 years

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School-Age Programs
6-21 years


Early Childhood  Center

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"If a child can't learn the way       we teach,  maybe we should teach the way they learn'

~Ignacio Estrada

Are you looking for a welcoming, active, and caring learning environment for your child? Our program focuses on your child's unique developmental abilities using a  'whole child' approach. 

Our inclusive early childhood program offers learning opportunities for all children of all abilities to learn in a safe, fun, compassionate environment. 

Children and families receive the educational benefits of mindful learning focusing on relationship-building, and cognitive, social & emotional development. 

Mindful learning is a researched-based, developmental approach 
to how children think, communicate, and learn. This individualized program places emphasis on active learning experiences to promote self-regulation, motivation, mindful thinking, and social-emotional skills. The skills children lear
n throughout this program align with future educational success. 


Mingle & Mesh

Play & Learn Classes
Social Engagement & Self-Regulation Classes

Does your child struggle with transitions, new environments, group settings, or self-regulation?

Does your child have unique learning challenges or difficulties with socializing behaviors at home or school?

The Play & Learn class will help children ages 12 months to 5 years engage in play activities to promote co-regulation, emotional regulation, and social communication through fun, interactive learning engagements. 

The Social Engagement & Self-Development class balances unique learning experiences with challenging social engagements to promote brain integration of social, emotional, relational & regulation abilities. Intentional focus on the development of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and integrated communication. One-on-one learning opportunities are available.


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School-age Programs

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